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Ukrainian Impact

We sent micro cash aid to Ukrainian families and to shelters with evacuees, to help with essential needs.

716 people received help including 288 children.

Follow us to see how these numbers grow and see what people are saying...


"We were able to pay for rent for the upcoming month"

Diana and her family are from Kharkiv, the city that was bombed heavily. They had to escape to western Ukraine. Her family has received small cash assistance from VHF and now this money has been used to pay for the housing.

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"Three families were supported..."

VHF has more motivation to work harder!


"I and my husband lost our jobs. Every other day since war started we drive to a neighboring village to take care of our three elderly relatives. Unfortunately, there is no humanitarian help in this region and evacuation is not possible for them."

Tatiana and her husband from Kharkiv, Ukraine

“Every other day I visit the refugee camp for orphans to make sure they have everything they need. Unfortunately, this camp is growing because many kids became orphans now. Vasona Hill Foundation supported 18 orphan boys with a disability ”

Roman, volunteer


"Our home in Irpin has completely destroyed. I and my daughter have no place to go back to."

Katherine from Irpin, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine


"After weeks in underground shelters, we escaped to a smaller village near Kharkiv were it was less bombing.  We were lucky to get there alive. Now having nothing we need money for pretty much everything"

Anastasia and her daughter from Kharkiv, Ukraine

"I am so thankful to volunteer Anna and Vasona Hill Foundation for their help replacing our windows after bomb shelling. I have 5 children and elderly mother to support, and I would never be able to do it without help. Thank you!"

A family of 7, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine


"We are expecting our fourth child and our house has been burned during the shelling. The little money and essentials we received from volunteer Anna and Vasona Hill will be used to support our children and a new addition to our family. Thank you for everything you do!"

Zaika family, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

“I left the country with two small children and one backpack. I am trying to find a job but I can't because I watch kids and daycares are not available at this moment. I need to survive somehow.”

Olena, Ukrainian refugee in Poland

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